Yogi - StopBox Testimony

Yogi - StopBox Testimony


"This is my StopBox.
There are many like it,
but the finger combination it is mine.

No batteries.
No electronics.
No keys.

I’ve been looking for a retention device for a while now to keep my firearms at the ready. The @stopboxusa was my answer to everything I needed. I didn’t want to fiddle with keys, biometric finger scanners or digital combinations that can go dead. With just the simple hand gesture and a squeeze, it opens for quick ready to go access. When not in use, I simply move it to my safe or open it up to holster.

What worried me the most before receiving this product was, Is it as easy to open as the dudes in the video make it out to be? Won’t it slide around? Will it lift as I push the combination and fly across the room?

With the weight of the box, my Glock 19 and spare mag, this sucker stays planted. As far as slipping, the rubber shoe on the corners prevent it from sliding on most surfaces that I tested out. And yes, it’s as easy as they make it look on their videos.

Also, this is NOT a safe. It’s a retention device to prevent humans and in my case, doggies from easily tampering with its contents. My firearm is only in there when again, I need it at the ready. As a gun owner, I’m all about safety from the home to the range. I’m all about protecting those I love from threats, but also making sure everyone on two and four legs are safe and without a worry.

At the time of this post, they’re having a 25% off sale for Black Friday for this and most of their product. If you want a little peace of mind by your side. I know you’re going to love it. They offer a 30 day risk free. If you like it, keep it. If you hate it, money back. Easy peezy.

Yes, I’ve agreed to write a review for them, but I also told them I’d be completely honest. I genuinely love mine and put it to use the moment I close my eyes. Also, don’t except your Gucci Glock to fit in this thing. It will not fit with a million things attached to your pistol. It can fit a compact with a RMR at the right angle, but just keep your side piece in there.

Check out www.StopBoxUSA.com or give them a follow at @stopboxusa and tell them the bear sent you. 🇺🇸"

-Instagram Review @phaze2yogi

Click here to see Yogi's Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIK5d1cjfJW/

Having quick and reliable access to your firearm when you need it most is crucial. But, securing your firearm safely to prevent unintentional access is also very important. Thats why we designed the StopBox to fill that gap in our everyday lives. If you would like to learn more about how the StopBox works, click bellow.

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