StopBox USA is a family owned and operated company founded in 2016 by Dylan Ervin. In 2013 Dylan knew he needed a secure place for his firearm when his oldest daughter began walking and opening drawers. Unhappy with all the products on the market which relied on batteries, electronics or slow mechanical locks that if you accidentally pressed the wrong button you wouldn't know until the safe failed to open and you had to restart or even worse, wait for the lockout period to end. Wanting a device that would conceal and prevent unintentional access to a bedside firearm, but still be immediately accessible in the dark, under stress without the use of batteries or electronics. Dylan and a local engineering firm got to work developing the StopBox Handgun Retention Device. An all-mechanical retention device for your firearm while it's at the ready. This required thinking outside of the "safe" and developing a new simplistic, reliable, hand gesture code lock. Designing the lock around the natural contours of the hand made it possible for quick indexing on the finger actuators in the dark and under stress. It was also important to create a lightweight design so the StopBox can be used wherever you are! The bedroom, kitchen, backyard, vehicle, etc.

Today, over 100,000 people use the StopBox to secure their firearms.

We are proud of our products but our commitment is to the user and their ultimate satisfaction. We strive to take care of our customers no matter what, and do so with honesty and integrity. We also take pride in creating quality American manufacturing jobs which is why our products are made right here in the USA. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our journey. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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