While working as a TV Producer at KREM 2 News in Spokane, Washington I fell in love with competitive shooting sports. I really enjoy the thrill and challenge of high-speed marksmanship, and in 2015 earned the rank of Master in USPSA. I entered the shooting industry as a full-time brand ambassador and content creator.

As my daughter got older I knew I needed a secure place for my bedside firearm. As I searched for a bedside safe I was surprised to find that all the products on the market had, in my opinion, critical flaws. They were either too difficult to operate in the dark, slow, not reliable, or required batteries. Imagine you accidentally pressed the wrong button during an emergency. You wouldn't know until the safe failed to open and you had to restart, or even worse, wait for the lockout period to end. I wanted a device that would conceal and prevent unintentional access to my firearm, but still be immediately accessible in the dark, under stress without the use of batteries or electronics.

I got to work developing an all-mechanical retention device for my firearm. This led to thinking outside of the "safe" and developing a new, simplistic, reliable, hand gesture code lock. Designing the lock around the natural contours of the hand made it possible for quick indexing in the dark and under stress. It was also important to create a lightweight design so your firearm can be secured wherever you are. The bedroom, kitchen, backyard, vehicle, etc. In 2016 the StopBox was born! I had created something unique, and have been granted two US utility patents for my quick-access lock design.

Since then StopBox USA has been a family owned and operated business proud to be creating manufacturing jobs right here in the USA!

Today, over 150,000 people use the StopBox to secure their firearms. As we grow as a company we are continuing to innovate firearm security products that use our patented quick-access lock design.

We are proud of our products and our commitment to the user. We strive to take care of our customers no matter what, and do so with honesty and integrity.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our journey. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

- Dylan Ervin, founder

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