No Electronics, No Keys, No Failures

At StopBox USA, our goal is to secure your firearm without sacrificing accessibility when you need it the most. Designed to prevent unintentional access while your firearm is not on your body or in the safe. Our unique hand gesture code lock is instinctive to use in the dark and under stress; and does not use batteries or electronics.

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Chamber Lock

Quick, reliable access to your AR-15 when you need it most.

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Instant, reliable access

Trusted by Pros

"It's so intuitive and easy to learn to unlock. I really like the idea of having your gun so quickly and easily accessible. Truly a brilliant idea and execution. I have it on the side table next to me with my RP9 in it.  Even though we don't have kids, this is a perfect way to secure the gun while keeping it accessible to just us, and easily moving it from room to room...and the car!"

- Travis Tomasie, National & World Shooting Champion

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