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Vince Zimmer

"I have been shopping for a perfect nightstand safe for a while and came across a review of the new “StopBox” safe manufactured in Spokane Washington by a competitive shooter, who teamed up with a mechanical engineer (who happened to be another competitive shooter), and designed a safe that did not need batteries or a key to open. That idea intrigued me, since I did not want to risk my life on batteries that may die or fumbling for a key in the dark. This safe opens with a programmable set of buttons that extend out of the “Stop Box” so you can easily feel them and you simultaneously push 3 of the 5 buttons to open…. quick and simple... what more could I ask for….

When I received my “Stop Box”, I anchored it into my nightstand and practiced a few scenarios of being woken up in the dark and accessing my pistol…opened easily and worked flawlessly, beyond my expectations…. would recommend the “StopBox” above all other nightstand safes."

- Vince Zimmer


Travis Tomasie

“I love these… It’s so intuitive and easy to learn to unlock. I really like the idea of having your gun so quickly and easily accessible. Truly a brilliant idea and execution. I have it on the side table next to me with my RP9 in it. Even though we don’t have kids, this is a perfect way to secure the gun while keeping it accessible to just us, and easily moving it from room to room….and the car!”

- Travis Tomasie

World & National Shooting Champion

Scott Sterner

"As a firearms store owner, I have always been on the lookout for great products that I trust enough to sell to my customers. Time and time again I’d have a couple walk in and state they needed something to secure a firearm now that they are expecting their first child. 
We’d always bounce back and forth with the traditional lock and key, biometrics, etc. but they always came up short or lacking an ease of access when needed the most. Once my wife and I found out we were expecting, I started searching high and low. Finally we found StopBox. This product doesn’t rely on keys, electronics, or batteries which makes it ideal for when you need to access your firearm quickly and have a peace of mind doing so. 
I love the StopBox and will always support an American company with American made products."

- Scott Sterner

Business Owner

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Harvey Ballman

Continuum Force Concepts / Law Enforcement Officer


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Scott Sterner

Business Owner

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