TheGuyGearReview - StopBox Testimony

TheGuyGearReview - StopBox Testimony

"Firearm safety is always a priority, but even more so when your daughter is starting to walk! ⁣

It’s not practical to carry a safe around the house so I started looking for something to secure my gun(s) in areas like the living room, garage, office and truck. I wanted something light, quick opening and that didn’t need to be charged constantly. I came across @stopboxusa and had to try one out.

My favorite aspect of the StopBox is the all mechanical design which means no batteries! There is an adjustable finger combination that was pretty easy to get used to and with some practice, the device essentially became instant opening (see my video at the end for just how easy it is). Being made from a polycarbonate/abs blend it is very lightweight which I wanted. Marketed as a handgun retention device as opposed to a “safe”, it delivers on what I expected and was looking for. ⁣

To top it off, they are made in the US and come with a 30 day risk free guarantee."

-The Guy Gear Review 

Having quick and reliable access to your firearm when you need it most is crucial. But, securing your firearm safely to prevent unintentional access is also very important. Thats why we designed the StopBox to fill that gap in our everyday lives. If you would like to learn more about how the StopBox works, click bellow.

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