Brooke Gordon - AR Chamber Lock Testimony

Brooke Gordon - AR Chamber Lock Testimony

Brooke Gordon's AR-15 Chamber Lock Testimony:


"Let talk home defense✔️✔️

Have kids? Don’t want your rifle in the wrong hands of an intruder? This @stopboxusa AR-15 chamber lock is one of a kind ! Secure your firearm while still having quick reliable access when you need it most. These aluminum USA made devices are designed to prevent tampering and quick access to others while your gun is at the ready. No batteries, electronics or keys..and you can also use it as a chamber flag at the range ! Being a mom this was a no brainer for me!

Swipe all the way to the end to watch me at the range utilizing the device!!!!

Use my code BrookeGordon at checkout to save on all your @stopboxusa items!"

-Brooke Gordon

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The AR-15 Chamber lock is a fully mechanical chamber lock that does not rely on the use of batteries, electronics, or external keys. It is designed to provide a level of security while your rifle is staged for home/self defense and still be quickly and reliably accessible. Click the photo below to learn more about the StopBox AR-15 Chamber Lock.


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