Bonnie Lanzarini - StopBox Testimony

Bonnie Lanzarini - StopBox Testimony

"Let’s talk about firearm safety around children in the house for a moment,


No matter how much my 6 year old is aware about gun safety, she is still 6, and children don’t have the same level of understanding as adults about “how or why”, or a grasp for the concept of consequences.

I have the gun next to me or near me all the time in the house too, and I keep it ready to go with a round in the chamber, so safety is of utmost importance to me.

I had the chance to try the StopBox instant-access handgun retention device and it’s the perfect solution. It’s an all mechanical design with no batteries, keys, or electronics, so it’s not subject to electronic or dead battery failure; it simply utilizes an adjustable finger combination, and provides instant access to your gun anytime you need it.

Photo by Bonnie Lanzarini.

It also provides me with peace of mind knowing I can access my gun instantly while keeping it safe and away from my little girl’s sight and hands.

StopBox has also come out with a AR-15 Chamber Lock which I can’t wait to try, and it’s available for pre-order now on their website, go check them out!

Stay safe and keep your children safe."

-Bonnie Lanzarini


Having quick and reliable access to your firearm when you need it most is crucial. But, securing your firearm safely to prevent unintentional access is also very important. Thats why we designed the StopBox to fill that gap in our everyday lives. If you would like to learn more about how the StopBox works click bellow.



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