5 Reasons why StopBox is better than your sock drawer.

As gun owners we like to keep a gun at the ready. Usually in our bedroom or even at our bedside. In the past this meant one of two things. Keeping your gun in a drawer, or in a safe.

Here's 5 reasons why you should keep your gun in a StopBox instead.

1. Quick Access

You may not like the idea of using a safe because generally they are not quick to access, especially in the dark. The StopBox was designed with this in mind. The five actuators are located on the corner of the enclosure for easy and reliable indexing, making it quick to access in the dark and under stress.

2. Reliable

The magic sauce with the StopBox is it's simple all-mechanical design. No batteries or electronics to fail. After all, if you need a firearm it's because everything else has failed, so there is no room for error!

3. Discreet

The low profile design does not draw attention. It does not have a shield emblem on top of it screaming, "I have something valuable or dangerous inside me!" to anyone who glances at it.

4. Retention. Not a Safe.

The StopBox is NOT a safe, it's a retention device. It bridges the gap between the holster and the safe. The StopBox is designed for while your gun is in use, and you want quick, reliable access.

5. Portable

The StopBox is designed to be lightweight and portable so your gun is secured wherever you are.

Customer Reviews

We've received 1,200+ 5 star reviews!

Customer Reviews

We've received 1,200+ 5 star reviews!

★★★★★     1,200+ 5 Star Reviews

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